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Experiential Marketing



Creating memorable experiences is where Events Plush shines! From the experience of seamless check-in to flawless execution of meal service, that is just the beginning of the memorable experience Events Plush will provide to each attendee. We make it a priority to to create memorable and impressionable experiences that influence both the brand and business building not only on-site, but also embedding experiences that will remain with attendees long after the conclusion of the event.

Events Plush provides ‘personal touch’ experiences, often in real-time, that establish or enhance the relationship with the organization and brand. Event Plush stays up on trends, innovations and enhancements that provide unique strategic experiences.

Visual impact is a large part of the attendee experience as well. Working in tandem with audio-visual providers Events Plush designs impressive and impactful staging, signage, lighting and unique creative elements to produce the “wow” impact desired.

Events Plush is well aware that today’s market is digitally and social media driven. Creating, designing and executing interactive social media strategies and campaigns across multiple platforms is a critical aspect of engaging the target audience before, during and after events.

From app creation/development to hashtag campaigns, Events Plush dives in to the objectives and goals to devise a specific plan of attack and provides the post-campaign analytics to evaluate and adjust moving forward.

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